The Clay Pigeon Company

The Laporte UK Brand

About Us
The Clay Pigeon Company is the UK clay manufacturing branch of Laporte. Since joining Laporte in 2000, it has gone from strength to strength. There are now more than 30 members of staff and all the clay targets are produced on site in Bottesford. All clays (including those imported) go through stringent quality control measures.

The company’s philosophies are:
• Quality
• Caring for the environment
• Excellent customer service
• Fair pricing
• Integrity

Laporte and The Clay Pigeon Company are the biggest manufacturers of clays and traps under the same name throughout the world. In 2007, Laporte supplied a record number of traps and clays to Europe and the rest of the world.

People think that the manufacturing of clay targets is, or should be, a relatively easy process but it is actually an exact science. At the Clay Pigeon Company we are aware that it is paramount that our product remains of a high quality.  In order to achieve and maintain our high standards, we have a full time quality control manager who regularly tests our clays. In addition to checking the weights, measurements and density we also fire the targets through several makes and models of traps.

The Clay Pigeon Company also remains dedicated to promoting the sport of clay target shooting and also archery. As well as sponsoring several young athletes from Olympic to beginner levels, we also attend and support as many events as possible. In 2017 we managed to support 27 events and also offer sponsorship to many different athletes. We have also worked with Universities to offer their clay shooting teams support and information to help new potential shooters take up the sport.