Testimonials from clients


"As an evolving ground on a budget, we have recently purchased seven more traps from Laporte CPC and looking to purchase more! Why? Not only have the traps proven themselves to be of the best quality, but the support and service we receive from the team is quite simply outstanding and unmatched. Any trap issues and a quick phonecall to a Laporte CPC engineer and the problem is usually resolved.'

In grateful recognition of their support, we proudly display the company logo in every means possible, not only to promote the company but as with all professional grounds, you only want the best and this is something we have with Laporte CPC.'
- Sergeant Gareth Hall at Blanford Army Camp.

We leave our launchers outdoors all year round. One year a river overflowed and flooded our entire site with a water height of more than one meter. When the level was low enough to allow us to go back to the booth, we were surprised that after cleaning and greasing the machines that the machines have recovered perfectly as soon as they were first put back into operation. The American trap that we bought at the beginning of the year was completely submerged under 2 meters of water for 3 to 4 days including the electronic components. We have a total of 20 Laporte launchers and we recommend them for their robustness and reliability"

Testimony from Stan Bach (The Elford Clay Pigeon Club)

'It's a very informative course. They are good guys to learn from. Everything that we needed to learn, we got answers to -all about trap safety, maintenance. I very much recommend it.'

- Testimony from Stuart Clarke about the new maintenance masterclass