Laporte Targets

Clay Pigeon Targets





Although people think that the manufacturing of clay targets is, or should be, a relatively easy process, think again! It is in fact an exacting science.

At the Clay Pigeon Company we are aware that it is paramount our product remains of a consistently high standard. In order to achieve and maintain these high standards we have taken the following steps to ensure that the quality of our product is improved.



We employ a full-time Quality Control Manager who regularly tests our clays.  In addition to checking the weights, measurements and density we also fire the targets through several makes and models of traps. All stock is randomly checked throughout the 24 hour shifts.

The Quality Control Manager records daily the results of the batches tested.  The daily production sheets are checked for any variance in factory conditions, which could adversely affect the quality of the clays.  These results are kept for a period of 12 months.

We are committed to improving our product and maintaining excellent customer service and offering a superior clay target launch after launch.