• Why choose a Laporte trap?
    Laporte is the first equipment manufacturer dedicated to traps and has been manufacturing for almost 90 years!

    The Laporte group manufacturers targets and traps of different varieties (since 1927) meaning that they are the undisputed pioneer of the sport. Laporte were the first company to launch the automated trap such as the Skeet 100 or the legendary Multitrap 2000 that revolutionized high level competitions. They also created the American trap, flash targets, midi targets and bumblebee targets.

    Laporte also hold the fastest trigger record on Olympic discipline machines. Which means that the Olympic and all discipline machines benefit from an exceptional and consistant trajectory with a low energy consumption level. 

    Laporte, a French family company with an international reputation
  • What is the lifetime of a Laporte trap ?
    The constant evolution of the materials used in the design of our launchers guarantees our equipment a service life well in excess of 30 years which many customers can testify.

    Laporte's technological choices are based on the long experience shared with our thousands of users around the world, offering exceptional reliability and low maintenance costs!
  • How I can feed my 12V trap ?
    You can use a battery type "automobile". Please consult us for the power required according to the model of launcher.

    Laporte also offers a 220 / 12V transformer specially designed to provide a constant voltage adapted to the needs of your equipment.

    It is possible to ensure the recharging of your 12V battery by a SOLAR device with voltage regulator. This system ensures continuous operation and minimal maintenance that saves money.
  • Why 12V?
    The 12V offers flexibilty and compatibilty around the world.

    In addition, the 12V eliminates the risks associated with alternating currents and facilitates the movement of the equipment.
  • What is the maximum capacity of a trap in terms of clays?
    As of 1 December 2016, the maximum tray capacity is 800 trays for the TwinLap model.

    Laporte is the creator of the first automatic launcher, the famous Multitrap 2000 and Skeet 1000 with a capacity of 1000 clays. A record never exceeded!

  • What happens when the trap gets wet?
    Make sure that any power supply is switched off.

    • The first step (if conditions permit) is to put the machine in a dry place and in a safe place.

    Please contact the after-sales team before attempting to restart 
  • What is the usual response time in the event of a trap failure? And in case of a breakage?
    If the owner of the machine knows how to repair the launcher, then the after-sales service will deliver the correct spare part to the customer, on average 1 to 5 working days.

    If the owner of the machine knows little or nothing about it, the intervention times will be specified by our service department according to the schedules of our technicians and the place of grounds.

    Our equipment has a very low failure rate. We also strive to make available to our customers the guides (paper or video) necessary to carry out the first checks in complete safety.

    Laporte CPC UK offer technical support on week days and weekends. Call 01949 843777 for details.

    Laporte also offer maintenance courses aimed at providing clients with the technical skills to service their own traps safely and effectively. Taught by qualified and experienced technicans, the course offers a chance to understand how to look after your traps and ensure their longevity. Please email enquiries@laporte-cpc.biz for details of the next course available.
  • What is the delivery time after a confirmation of order?
    In UK the delivery time depends on the zones ( local, remote etc.) this can take between 1 and 3 working days.

    For export, contact the after-sales service or the responsible export manager in charge of the zone concerned 
  • What is the particular trajectory of a Laporte trap??
    We expect a trap to meet the requirements of the shooters and the club that wants to satisfy them ...

    Our machines, which are particularly stable and balanced due to the choice of materials (cast aluminum, steel), offer the best consistency of the trap market in terms of trajectory and precision.

    With Laporte, a trajectory defined by the technician of the club will work under extreme weather conditions . Extreme weather conditions may  only influence the flight of the pigeon.​

  • What are the risks of radio interference?
    The transmitter and receiver system are set up with a very specific coding. If it is installed correctly from the start there is no risk of interference.

    Obviously the use of diverse radio systems requires special attention. It is recommended to consult our technical services which will advise you as to the best decision.
  • Can I buy the traps online? If not, why?
    In order to provide you with the best possible service, we recommend that you call us to speak to one of our experienced sales team members in order to purchase the trap that best suits the needs of your ground.

    Please call 01 949 843777 to speak to our expert sales team.