Laporte and the development of the shooting industry

Promoting our sport

Laporte is dedicated to promoting and supporting the shooting industry. 

This dedication to the promotion of our sports led to the creation of the WeShoot App in 2015. We Shoot is a community based app allowing the shooting community to share news, results, updates and communicate with one another. It can also promote shooting grounds, groups and squads across the country. WeShoot is a global app designed to help shooters communicate with each other, find grounds and events local to them.

Sponsored Shooters
Laporte believe in finding and nuturing the best talent. We support a range of shooters across many different disciplines. All the information on our sponsored shooters is available on our social media networks and also

In 2017, Laporte developed University packs aimed at getting University students to consider taking up shooting sports. The UK has a large selection of colleges that offer archery and clay shooting societies already. The packs feature shooting guides and goodies aimed at helping the societies to attract new and excited shooters.