Alfie Tibbles on the British Shooting Show 2019

As if it's been over two months since the British Shooting Show!

We are delighted to have had another successful show of this year. Thank you to everyone who came to see us on the stand. A special thank you to Alfie Tibbles who wrote a blog post for us!

Roll on British Shooting Show 2020!

Alfie Tibbles on the British Shooting Show 2019

Day one:

It wasn’t a great start as we were half way to the NEC as our car broke down! Soon enough the AA took us to a nearby garage. While my dad was getting a rental car, I got a taxi for the rest of the way to the show. 

As I arrived in the entrance of the show, I was greeted by some very friendly faces, and I went straight to the Laporte CPC stand to drop-off my British School and Young Shots trophy.

After I popped into the Laporte CPC stand briefly I headed to the Teague precision chokes stand for my first day of work. As you would assume, I was very excited and a tad nervous to be working on my first ever trade stand. I was helped by my co-workers at Teague to show me the ropes of using PayPal and the system on the iPad. It was a great experience to be able to talk to shooters from all over the place about when they shoot how often and what types of shooting.

My first day was great as I had already met a lot of new people and met with a few of my sponsors. I had also sold a lot of chokes and was making a name for myself as the top seller of the first day

Day Two

After day one, I was really excited to actually have a look around the stands that were at the show, and I had a chance to do this on Saturday for a short time before I went to work at the Teague stand. I really enjoyed selling Teague products to customers, I am very proud to be part of a company which is so strong and has such a variety and availability of their product ready to sell.

I learnt more and more about chokes over the two days, and I really felt a part of the business side of the company which was pretty amazing.

I also happened to bump into Ben Husthwaite who was on the Gamebore stand for a while then on the Vario stand (my new sponsor). I was very impressed by the layout of the show and felt that there couldn’t be much done to make it flow any better.

I am very grateful that Teague Precision Chokes let me work on their stand for the first two days of the show I liked seeing the other side of the show where your selling the product to customers instead of buying the product off of the company.

Day Three :

On the third day I was slightly tired but ready to work again; I was working on the Laporte CPC stand which was really great as I got to meet a few new faces, and also a good mate that I haven’t seen in a while (Lucas Hyde) who is also sponsored by Laporte CPC.

It is quite a different ball game from selling chokes to selling Clays and traps, but Lucas and I soon got the hang of it and hooked some potential future customers.

As I said earlier about seeing some people you haven’t seen in a while, the Great British Shooting show is a great time to reconnect with friends that you may not have seen in a while; I met with about 6 people who I hadn’t talked to in a while.

I actually said to my dad that I would have liked to have another day of walking around as there was so much to see in the space of the few hours that I had to look around.

Overall the Great British Shooting Show was one of my highlights of the month.


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