GUEST BLOG: Alfie Tibbles at the World Sporting Open at EJ Churchills

Thank you so much to Alfie Tibbles for his wonderful blog about his experience shooting at EJ Churchills for the World sporting Open.

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GUEST BLOG: Alfie Tibbles at the World Sporting Open at EJ Churchills

Day One - Sporttrap

It's a Thursday afternoon and we arrive at EJ Churchill for the World Sporting Open and it is sunny and dry.

The car park is packed and we park next to fellow Laporte shooter Charlie Monahan. We get the kit ready and walk up to the clubhouse where we register and have a quick look at a few of the suppliers, Teague and Starkey headsets.

I forgot my spare lenses in the car so my dad takes a walk back to collect them. We head down to the 1st layout on Sporttrap and I’m in a good squad with Charlie and Nick Adams who I have shot with a couple of times.

On layout 1, I finish on a 13. The targets are pretty tricky and Sporttrap isn’t my favourite discipline. We move on to layout 2 where I score a 15 for some reason I have lost concentration and my head isn’t with it. On layout 3 and 4 I don’t improve and I finish on a very poor 55/100.

I tightened up my chokes on the last layout to use the targets as more of a practice. I’m really not happy as I expected more from myself but I will pick myself up ready for the prelims tomorrow. I said congratulations to Thomas Baker who won colts with a great score of 75 and I look quickly around the stalls then back to the car before we left.


Day 2 - Prelim

We have an early start today, and as we arrive at EJ Churchill, the weather is still great. I have a look around the trade stands and then I wait for the transport to the prelim course. I am in a great squad with Chris Childerhouse today. I start the round badly dropping 3 on the 1st stand,  I am just not with it this week but the layout is great really using the surroundings well. Chris helps me out on a few stands but I finish on a really disappointing 51/100. We return to the car and walk back up to the clubhouse to check scores. I meet Mike Myers and Jason Gibson and then we decided to get going before the Friday afternoon traffic starts getting worse. 


Day 3 - Blue Course

The results for the prelim are in and Thomas Woodcock shot a very impressive 82 ex 100 to take the Colts High Gun. 

We leave home at 9:20 and arrive at the Worlds at 10:45 to register and get my back number. We have time to walk the Blue course, which doesn’t look too bad.

On stand 6 we stop to have a chat with George Digweed, he is watching the white incomer that seems to be testing all the shooters. We walk around the rest of the course and get the transport back to the carpark. It's time to get ready and check that I have everything for the afternoon's shoot. I bump into Ami and Taylor Hedgecock, Charlie Soanes and Charlie Monahan who are all Laporte/CPC shooters. We have a quick chat, grab some pizza and ride in the pickups for a 2pm start. 


The blue layout starts well and I drop only 5-6 on the first 6 stands, then I start missing relatively easy targets.  The Blaser rabbit stand is interesting and I get 2 of the 4 which isn’t too bad. The ref scores me wrong on another stand and I lose a target which is annoying but it happens. 


We finish at around 4:30 and I shoot another bad round scoring 61 ex 100. We get back to the car and head home, I see that Thomas Woodcock has shot an amazing 83 ex 100 on the red course. I will really need to shoot exceptionally well tomorrow to be in a chance of a podium spot but with my current form that doesn’t look promising. 


Day 4 (final day) - Red Course

We get up early up as the sun is out at 8am leaving home at 9:15am. We arrive at 10:15am and have a quick walk around the village seeing Teague and Vario for a chat. Then we jump in a transport truck and head down to walk the red course which looks good and a little easier than the blue.

We get a truck back to the car park and have some lunch in the car whilst watching the MotoGP race on my mobile. At 1:50pm we head back to the clubhouse to get some transport to the red course. We arrive at stand 1 and for sone reason I feel a bit faint, which might be the sun it is 31c so feeling hot, I shoot the 1st 5 stands badly.

I feel a little better and start getting back to my normal standard. I shot with a great squad and despite feeling ill it was an excellent four days shooting, I finish the Sporting on a poor 122 ex 200. James Woodcock shoots a massive 159 which is 24 points ahead of 2nd. 

A big congrats to all the staff at EJ Churchills and George Digweed for some great targets. 



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