GUEST BLOG: Owain Humphreys at the Fauxdegla British Shooting Shotgun Series

Thank you so much to Owain Humphreys for his wonderful blog about his experiences at Fauxdegla Shooting Ground for the British Shooting Shotgun Series.

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GUEST BLOG: Owain Humphreys at the Fauxdegla British Shooting Shotgun Series

The British Shooting Shotgun Series

The second British Shooting Shotgun Series was held at Fauxdegla Premier Shooting Ground on 19th and 20th May.

The 1st series was held at Nuthampstead back in March during extreme weather conditions over the weekend.  I was happy to have finished 3rd in juniors as this was my first experience shooting a final under ISSF rules

Since the 1st series, I’ve managed to balance studying for my GCSE and shooting. I came in 1st in C Class in the Fiocchi winter series held at Fauxdegla. I shot my first Welsh OT Selection shoot with a score of 109/125 (21, 24, 22, 21, and 21) and also attending the British Shooting RSS, under the watchful eye of John Bellamy.

The ground was in superb condition once again with the new fourth OT layout ready for the 2nd Shotgun Series. Huge credit to Mike and Debbie Faux and their team for a fantastic job and we couldn’t have asked for better weather; blue skies and hours of sunshine

I started on layout G, and shot a 21 which I was fairly pleased with, and was a positive way to start the competition. From there I went to layout A and again was steady with a round of 21. Everything was running smooth with the competition with no issues with no-birds or trap breakdowns. In between shoots I was returning to my studying.  My last layout for the day was C. I was feeling confident going into this round and was happy with my score of 23/25, which meant my 1st day total was 65/75.

The second day started extremely well with a score of 24/25 in layout C. I was unfortunate to have missed my 24th target; however I was very pleased that I kept my composure to hit my final bird. My last round on layout A was a repeat of my previous round with a score of 24/25 and again missing the 24th target!! My overall total was 113/125 which is a new personal best for me. I then had a bit of a wait to see if my score would be enough to make the men’s juniors final.

I was excited and nervous again for making another final. My competitors in the final were: James Dedman, Lewis Owen, Ewan Ross, Tom Betts and Danny Campey. On this occasion, I didn’t make the podium and finished 5th. However this was another great experience for me especially shooting with very experience and established shooters.  

I was pleased to come back in a class and a new personal best. This is the first major competition shooting my new Fiocchi Golds Cartridges. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season with them now!

Congratulations to all the Category and Class winners.

Next up for me will be the Welsh Shoot Selection at Griffin Lloyd Shooting Ground after completing my GCSE exams.



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