GUEST BLOG: Emma Stacey writes about her experiences at the UK Compak Championship in March

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Emma Stacey, one of our sponsored shooters, wrote a detailed post for us about her experiences shooting in the UK Compak Championship in the last week of March.
GUEST BLOG: Emma Stacey writes about her experiences at the UK Compak Championship in March

The UK Compak Championship was held at Barbury Shooting School in March. This was the second GB Compak shoot of the year, and the cut-off for the European Championships in Cyprus. Since I couldn’t shoot the first compulsory selection shoot at the end of last year, due to a clash with the Home International Sporting, the shoot for me was about the UK Championships with a possible look to the GB team at the end of the year. It was also an opportunity to shoot at Barbury which is one of my favourite grounds.

Word around the ground was that the shoot was harder than the English Open at Orston was, and this proved to be the true. Every selection shoot we have shot at Barbury has fantastic targets, and this proved to be the case again. It is honestly one of my favourite grounds in the UK and Huw and his team do a fantastic job.

 I started on layout one, which had three singles and a sim pair, which was a nice introduction to the shoot. Having said that, the final pair from station three was tricky, and good timing throughout proved crucial. For me personally, I shot a 23 on this layout which I was fairly pleased with, and was a positive way to start the competition. From there I went to layout 2 which was shot in a ‘bowl’ with the stands on the top, meaning that you shot down on most of the targets. I absolutely love shooting down on targets and so I was really looking forward to this layout. It proved to be a good layout for me, as I shot a 24.  We had had a very smooth run up until the third layout where unfortunately we were plagued by no-birds and trap breakdowns. This made it difficult to keep focused, especially since it was the sim pair layout (1 single, 2 sim pairs) and was shot over a bank (a slight disadvantage for the vertically challenged!) Timing and control was crucial to a good score on this layout, and unfortunately, I let a few slip here meaning that I shot a 20 on this layout. Having said this, when I saw the scores report on Monday this turned out to be better than I thought it was. This meant I went to my last layout needing a 23/25 to shoot a 90 score, which is always my aim. I dropped a mini on my first peg, before straighting the next three. My last peg was going to plan until my penultimate pair when I was very unfortunate to have a rabbit jump on me. This was very annoying, but also happens with rabbits. Sometimes it helps you, sometimes it doesn’t, that’s shooting! I hit my final pair, meaning that I finished on 90/100, which I was very happy with, especially when I found out it was leading Ladies. Having been on one of the earlier squads, I then had quite a long wait to see if my score would hold on. On one of the last squads of the day, fellow Laporte-CPC sponsored shooter Steph Meachen also shot 90 meaning that we had to shoot off for the overall title.

That was the first shoot-off I had ever been in, so I was quite excited for it. We shot in a line system, which was a first for me, with the seniors who were also shooting off. Steph and I both shot a 20 in the shoot-off and so we then went to sudden death, with Steph eventually winning. However, this was a great experience for me and one I most definitely will learn from. Congratulations to Steph, who shot exceptionally well all day and also got her first GB cap. I was very pleased to finish with a silver medal and also come 2nd in my class. I was really pleased with my score, especially as it was the first time I had shot my new Hull Cartridges. I’m shooting Hull Sovereign 8’s this season and they proved to be spectacular on Sunday. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season with them now!

Next up for me is the England Selection Shoot at Park Lodge this weekend, as I look to build on the 3 England caps I got last year.


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