What a year: Looking back at 2017!

Laporte-CPC are proud to have supported 27 events with clays, traps, technical support and coverage last year in the UK alone. This is not to mention the excellent work of our French, Australian and American teams who supported events such as The Commonwealth Games in Brisbane and the World Compak Sporting event in Signes, France.
What a year: Looking back at 2017!

We have a wonderful selection of shoots booked for 2018 starting with the 2018 Vegas Shot Show in January. With so much to look forward to this year, we decided to have a look back at some of the events and moments from the past year.

Three of our staff members, Caroline Barry from Marketing, Duncan Wallace from Sales and Technician Andrew Herrett chose their favourite three events of the year.

Duncan Wallace. Sales.

1 - The Northern Shooting Show. 6th - 7th of May We supported Hazel Bank Shooting Ground on the Clay Line at the event by supplying all the traps used on their 50 Bird Competition run over 7 stands as well as the manufactures stands so Perrazzi, Viking Guns and Blazer could let customers try out the guns they had on show at the event. This was also beneficial to the CPSA ‘Have a Go’ stand that was extremely busy over the two days. The event was a great showcase for our traps as customers and grounds could see how they worked from the brilliant fifty bird shoot that Hazel Bank put on. Not to mention the amount the amount of quality targets the traps produce every time! We didn’t have one single problem to deal with and the Hazel bank Shooting Ground Team chooses Laporte traps for this reason. We are very much looking forward to supporting Hazel Bank Shooting Ground in 2018.

2 - Berretta World Sporting Championship. 30th – 2nd July 2017 Another major event powered by Laporte & The Clay Pigeon Company that has grown from strength to strength over the years. Dave & Peter Corney of Wallers Ash Shooting Ground have set up and run the shoot now for a number of years and we are proud to have supported them. The event is held over three days with almost a thousand shooters coming from all over the world to shoot 120 birds. It has always run very smoothly. This has been due to Dave & Peter having Laporte traps at their own ground as they know they are reliable and throw a consistent target every time! With the high capacity traps there is a lot less down time required to fill them at events and this helps the event to run smoothly and not hinder the shooters There were no complaints over the three days about no birds or any hold ups. Dave, Peter and their team ran the event brilliantly with world class targets. There was something for everybody. I shot it myself and all the targets were very enjoyable. You just had to think where to pull the trigger and what position you started in. We all look forward to going down to the event and this year it is in a new location which is set to be brilliant! This event is a testament to what Laporte Traps and CPC support can offer an event. We are looking forward to seeing the Wallers Ash team and GMK.

3 - The British Open Skeet at Nottingham & District. 18th – 20th August 2017 Nottingham & District Gun Club held the British Open Skeet in August 2017. I always like going to events at this ground as they are all very friendly. The ground is very well kept by Carl and his team and it all just runs like clockwork! We had sponsored the event with The Clay Pigeon Company Clays and also covered the event with live coverage on WeShoot. The weather over the three of days was up and down and the shooters did very well with the wind on the first day. The highlight for me on this event was watching a very talented young lady not miss a single target on all four layouts to join the shoot off. She then continued this throughout the shoot off and won a sudden death in a major championship! Well Done to Megan Jones – one to watch in the future for sure! We are looking forward to supporting Carl and his brilliant team in 2018 and in particular we are looking forward to seeing the new club house up and running! If you haven’t been to this ground you need to, so friendly and well kept. They all take great pride in the targets that they produce for the shooter and we are proud to say that they use CPC Clays and Laporte Traps.


Andrew Herrett. Technician.

1- Krieghoff DTL Championship. Mid Wales. May 2017 Supported by Laporte and The Clay Pigeon Company with traps and clays. We also attended as WeShoot to get coverage of the event for social media. In its 19th year of running – all of which have been held at Mid Wales Shooting Centre, the event was faultless, unlike the weather conditions!

2- Gamebore DTL Championship. Mid Wales Shooting Centre. September 2017 Really enjoyed this event held at Mid Wales. The competition was extremely busy with many shooters going through the event. Incredible shooting by Peter Relph who went on to win. I am looking forward to returning to Wales for the 2018 events and also their new store opening.

3- September – Perazzi Sporting Championship. July. This has got to be one of the best events held in 2017. All 36 Laporte Traps on two courses of 9 stands. The performance of the Laporte/CPC clays proved that we are the best. Steve Nutbeam was the course setter and did an amazing job. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t ideal as it lashed down on the Saturday with thunder and lightening. Sunday was also windy. Looking forward to this event - which has moved to August - in 2018. 

Caroline Barry. Marketing

1 – Clay Shooting Classic DTL at Bywell Shooting Ground This was my first experience of DTL Shooting. It was an exciting weekend as we, myself and Lucy, provided live coverage of the event on our social media channels. In fact, this was one of the first events to feature live Instagram coverage. We had great feedback from shooters as they were able to watch shooting at different stands and those who couldn’t make the event. It was a very busy weekend for our social channels as the French team were in attendance at the World Compak Sporting in Signes and also, we had reports from the skeet shooting in Northern Ireland! I was really impressed with the ground and it was nice to get some sunshine during the event. It was lovely to meet the team and also some of our sponsored shooters who were in attendance. I also enjoyed watching the 25 target Laporte Challenge! I’m excited to attend more events at Bywell this year.

2 – British Shooting Show February 2017 at Stoneleigh Park Exhibition Centre. This was my first ever shooting event. Officially, I hadn’t joined the CPC team and I went to meet with the team at the event. I hadn’t appreciated just how big the shooting industry is and the amount of choice at the show was incredible. It was great to meet everyone there and get to see how the event operates. I’m excited to be attending the event at the NEC this year as I will officially be part of the team! I’m looking forward to covering the event for our social media and also catching up with our sponsored shooters who will be attending the Laporte stand.

3 – Femme Fatales Summer Competition, Orston. August Laporte-CPC sponsored clays for the 20 target grouse flush as part of the Femme Fatales Summer Competition. The day was incredibly well attended with over sixty ladies shooting. The event helped to raise £1,560 for Macmillian Cancer Support. The grouse flush (and high gun!) was won by Chloe Thornton. Fair play to Emily at Orston and Ciara from Femme Fatales for organising the day! It was lovely to see such support for female shooters and the community spirit was very uplifting. I had a fantastic lesson on the grounds as part of the day and it really helped me to develop my shooting as I am complete beginner!

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