Laporte-CPC introduce University packs

Laporte supports Young Shooters!

Laporte-CPC introduce University packs

In addition to sponsoring a large variety of talented young shooters, Laporte have also turned their attention to helping to promote shooting sports to University students.

We are pleased to offer Freshers week packs aimed at promoting and explaining shooting sports to students. 

We understand that Freshers week is an exciting opportunity to try a variety of sports for new University students. We would like to encourage students to get involved with their Clay Shooting Societies by providing informative and fun packs to explain what shooting sports are. 

The packs are only the beginning of this program and we are excited to make next year even bigger and better! Some of the Universities to receive packs in 2017 included University of Nottingham, Bath, Loughborough and Kent. 

If your university would like to get involved, why not email and request a pack?


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