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Running Boar setup

The Running Boar consists of a target fixed to a trolley, which moves along at between 5 and 30 km on a single rail. The 40 metre long rail offers a shooting "window" of 12 metres. It is made up of 2 metre totally galvanised lengths, each weighing 6kg, giving a total weight of 200kg. The kit is easy to transport and set up. As an additional option the rail can be extended to 50 metres. The assembly tool is provided. There is an electric motor-gearbox operating on 220v single phase power supply. The brake motor is equipped with an electronic speed variation. The kit is delivered with two cabled remote controls - a manual remote control with 50 metres of cable to operate the speed of the target by means of a potentiometer, and a foot release remote control which does not operate the speed control but acts essentially as an on-off switch. The speed (fixed) is factory set but can easily be adjusted if necessary (when it is connected to the manual remote control). There are two types of target trolleys - a single target on a pivoting chassis and two collapsible targets. The set up time is approximately 4 hours. Please contact our Sales Team on 01949 843777 for more information.

Laporte Phoenix Archery

A new game is born: a bow, arrows and moving aerial targets. Thanks to the different trajectories, amateur and accomplished archers can rise to a new challenge. With safe arrows for children and beginners, you can create exciting animations indoors or outdoors for a large public audience. The game is silent and accessible to all for amusement or competitions. FLASHING BALL: Flashing-Ball is based on clay pigeon shooting and offers a whole new experience for all age groups. The Phoenix machine can be easily adjusted to fire a number of varied trajectories. Use more than one machine adding a wider range of targets making this already addictive game even more challenging. When the player hits his target the ball filled with white non-toxic powder flashes, giving the same effect as the flash clays used at the Olympics and all other major shooting events. PAINT BALL : Use this machine to organise trainings for paintball shooters.

Laporte - Flash clays.

Available from CPC by the box or by the pallet. A 110mm dia standard clay with a coloured powder underneath to give a coloured 'flash' when shot. Used mainly in World and Olympic finals. Very visual. Please call the Sales Team on 01949 843777 for further details.

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