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Target Key System 

The TargetKey System

Smart chip technology provides very secure and reliable information storage. The TARGETKey system is designed featuring a "Smart" chip on a key-shaped carrier that can be programmed to either count down or count up individual targets or rounds of 25. Each counter control unit features a Solo Shooter system, allows individual shooters to set a delay for both trap 1 and trap 2.

Every stand has a location-specific ID number that eliminates the threat of fraud. Each key will store shooter name, key ID, and target count.


  • Total Clay Target Counting System.
  • Front office software tracks customer use.
  • Ideal for promotions and incentives.
  • Tracks which stations get most use.
  • Color coded keys.
  • Counts up or down.
  • Variable pricing structure.
  • Tamper proof and weather resistant.


Out of the box

All transmitters are supplied with a battery.

All receivers come "plug and play" ready for Laporte machines.

More Info

Counts single targets, pairs, or rounds of 25 for trap, skeet, and 5-Stand applications.

Two colours available to differentiate between members/guests; trap/sporting; count up/down.

The TargetKey system is quite modular so please contact our sales team on 01949 843777 to discuss your requirements.

Clay Pigeon Company Laporte GS3

Our after-sales service technicians are not surprised to regularly see Laporte machines of over thirty years of age passing through their hands and still working. This exceptional lifespan is our added value and our trademark since 1927. Fully assembled by hand by our specialised technical team, each of our machines is voluntarily oversized and enjoys a corrosion resistant treatment. In addition, being constructed of more than 60 % aluminium alloy, our machines do no alter with time and have a moderate weight.

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