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The Clay Pigeon Company is pleased to be able to supply to the UK market with the new free of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or zero PAH clays. The clays break extremely well, their flight patterns are consistent and the clays come with a certificate of analysis to ensure they meet the requested zero PAH specification.

As the raw material can be difficult to source, this type of clay is more expensive to manufacture. Numerous grounds report excellent quality targets and we are able to offer the clays in “natural or coloured”. Our pricing remains very competitive within the market place. Our customers ordered these clays in 2014 and we expect to see an increase in orders going forward.

For further details on pricing and availability please contact CPC direct on 01949 843 777.


Size: 110mm

Weight: 105g

Available colours: Natural and orange



Approx weight per box: 16kg

Boxes per pallet: 55

Quantity per box: 150

Click here to download the full specifications for this clay

Clay Pigeon Company Laporte GS3

Our after-sales service technicians are not surprised to regularly see Laporte machines of over thirty years of age passing through their hands and still working. This exceptional lifespan is our added value and our trademark since 1927. Fully assembled by hand by our specialised technical team, each of our machines is voluntarily oversized and enjoys a corrosion resistant treatment. In addition, being constructed of more than 60 % aluminium alloy, our machines do no alter with time and have a moderate weight.

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