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Dartford Clay Shooting Club

Thank you team Laporte for all your help and support through 2016 I couldn't ask for a better team to supply us with products, your sales and after care are the best and continually get better (even when I am a pain and call the lads at silly times of a weekend) they never complain and are always happy to help me, cath is amazing too as is Gaylia and thank you so much for my extra clays :)

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you once again :)

Kelly and my lads at dartford


Kind regards

Kelly Hockey

Christmas comes early as Amber Hill meets Leah Southall

Christmas comes early as Amber Hill meets Leah Southall at E.J. Churchill and gives an insight into Skeet clay pigeon shooting and competing at the highest levels of the sport.

What a fantastic ambassador Amber Hill is for shooting sports. Not only is she an amazing shot who competed for her country in her first Olympic Games in Rio 2016, but also a very friendly and approachable person. She recently took time out of her busy schedule to meet Leah Southall at Amber’s local ground E. J. Churchill and provided Leah with very valuable insights into shooting at the highest level.

Leah Southall, aged thirteen, started shooting 8 months ago at the age of twelve and is now competing in major competitions. Although she has only just begun her amazing journey into competitive shooting she has already become county junior champion and has won a Ladies High Gun title at the Intercounty DTL championship hosted by Fauxdegla Shooting Ground in Wales, setting a personal best of 96/100 and contributing to the Staffordshire Ladies team winning silver. More recently she finished 1st in class C at Mid Wales Shooting Ground, shooting 91/272.

The two ladies spent their day at E. J. Churchill chatting about the sport, practising shooting different trap set ups and generally enjoying each other’s company. Amber had explained that one of the keys to success is setting a main goal, like shooting for your country, and breaking up that goal into smaller achievable short term goals in order to make the big dream come true. She then gave Leah a demonstration of how to shoot Olympic Skeet on her dedicated Laporte Olympic skeet traps set up. It was amazing to see how fast the Olympic set up was! Amber also provided Leah with opportunity to try the English skeet layout under her personal tuition. She was even kind enough to let Leah use her own Perazzi Gun and gave her a few boxes of her Eley cartridges to try. As the English skeet is a completely different discipline to trap shooting that Leah normally practices, I have to say I really admired Leah for rising to the challenge and having a go. Taking on board what Amber had to say it only took her a few targets before she started to smash those clays.

It was inspiring to spend an afternoon with these two talented ladies. What a treat to see them both in action. Thank you, Amber, for being so generous, and thank you, Leah, for taking on another new challenge.

As Leah’s dad, Mark, succinctly put it, “Amber made this Christmas very special for Leah. It has boosted her confidence to know that even the best have to manage nerves and deal with disappointment when you have the inevitable day that things don’t go quite as well as you planned. It has been fantastic for Leah to meet and talk to Amber who has inspired her dream to become at an Olympic shooter”. Lee Kirby, one of the top DTL shooters and personal coach to Leah Southall, added “meeting and shooting with Amber gave Leah a big confidence boost which is greatly appreciated”.

Get inspired and take up shooting! It teaches you control, discipline, and focus as well as being a very social and enjoyable sport.

Amber Hill - inspiring future generations in our sport. Sponsored by Laporte, the providers of target excellence for the last 8 consecutive Olympic games.

Awesome Training Session

Awesome training session with great trap champion Aaron Heading and Nicholas Berry at Cockett Farm Shooting Ground, England.



Ideal practise machine or for small gatherings of family and friends

The Laporte TAH 85 Pro is a robust, powerful, and complete machine specifically designed for individual use. The ideal winter practise trap, it’s fast, flexible and versatile making it the ideal practise machine, simulating: DTL, ABT, SIMULATED GAME.

Through its patented system, it offers the possibility of using four types of different clays (standard, mini 60mm, midi 90mm and battue) with the fastest re-cocking time ever developed by LAPORTE at just 0.6 seconds. This innovation allows for 5 clays to be thrown in the air before the first clay touches the ground.

Price £1645+vat+delivery

Our promotion includes one Free pallet of 8,250 black Standard Clays.

Celebrity Shooters

You may have noticed there are an increasing number of celebrity shooters who are enjoying the sport and giving a positive public perception of shooting. Recently we have noticed celebrities such as David Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Eric Clapton and Guy Ritchie enjoy the sport. Mark Zuckerberg was quoted "I hunt, it is a good way to feel connected to nature". Tom Selleck “ Shooting clay targets is a very cleansing experience. It's very relaxing. It takes a lot of concentration. It's also very social, since you're usually shooting with friends. You can talk and forget about almost anything else that's on your mind”.

Farming & Land Owners Diversification into the lucrative world of Clay Shooting

The Company has provided traps, targets and information on setting up shoots for many landowners and farmers who have wanted to diversify into new areas, which can generate an alternative revenue stream to contribute to profitability.

Shoots can be set up on a temporary or permanent basis and can be run for up to 28 days a year without planning permission. Many of the top grounds in the country started out running these smaller, highly profitable shoots before developing into a fully commercial operation. In many of these commercial situations the shooting ground ended up supporting the farm.

Farmers Innovation Show

Great day yesterday, farmers interested in setting up clay pigeon shoots and the archery trap generated a lot of interest from the activity centres. Looking forward to another good day today.

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