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Jean-Michel Laporte explains how this simple but very clever design works and how it will set the new standard for events and competitions.

He went on to explain the benefits for both ground owners and the competitors.

The increased capacity and reduction in reload time will reduce the down time during events and competitions, the grounds will be able to increase the number of entrees for their events, over any given period, as the performance of the new trap will allow competitors to complete the

Laporte Traps: Evolution - A New Generation of Traps is born

Evolution in Progress - A New Generation of Traps is born!

The innovative new range of trap designs from Laporte takes the current models and increases their clay capacity by an amazing 50% and due to its simple and yet very clever design reduces reload times by 25%. All this and the carousel dimensions remain unchanged.

Initially Laporte have launched the OT and UT in the new 18 column model, over the next 6-12 months we will release the Skeet and DTL versions followed by the sporting range.


The new game changing trap from Laporte went down a storm at the British Shooting Show last weekend!

Laporte the innovators in trap designs since 1927 have raised the bar yet again for events and competitions.

The new trap delivers a 50% increase in clay capacity without any increase in size and due to its innovative design enables a reduction of 25% on reloading time.

The British Shooting Show

We are busy preparing our stand for the weekend at The British Shooting Show.

Our team are looking forward to seeing our customers on the stand to take advantage of our special deals which are going to be available until the 17th February 2017.

See you there!

CPSA Awards Sponsorship By Laporte-CPC

We are looking forward to the CPSA Annual Awards tomorrow and who is going to win the Committee of the Year Award and the various other categories. We would like to congratulate all the finalists and wish them all the best.

We are also excited about our sponsored shooters Cheryl Hall and Charlie Soanes's nominations and wish them all the best too!

Laporte-CPC have agreed to sponsor the County Committee of the Year Award. As part of the package, Laporte have generously donated a Trap as a prize for the winning County Committee, which is between Cheshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

For 2017, the Awards will be held at the Belfry Hotel & Resort on Saturday 4, February. So join us in celebrating the success and achievements in Clay Shooting of 2016.

Gaylia Fallon, General Manager of Laporte -CPC said ‘We are delighted to have the opportunity to support the County Committee of the Year Award at the CPSA Awards this year. The network of CPSA counties volunteer tirelessly work to develop and support the sport at a local level.

It is important that we recognise the work of County committees, as they are fundamental in helping to grow the sport, so we are pleased to be able to donate a Laporte trap for the winning county to use as they feel fit.

Laporte will be releasing a new range of game changing traps at The British Shooting Show

Laporte-CPC will be exhibiting at the British Shooting Show 2017. The market leading manufacturers of clay pigeon traps and targets producing innovating new products since 1927.

“What better time and place to launch our new and innovative product range than at the biggest trade show of the year, The British Shooting Show. Laporte - CPC have been working hard this past year in order to present this exciting new development at this important event. Bringing you a range of game changing trap designed to deliver that little bit extra for shooting grounds and competitors alike.”

Gaylia Fallon General Manager Laporte - CPC

Laporte-CPC have supported many of the top shooting grounds up and down the country to deliver that little bit extra in their Events and Competitions. Suppliers of the last eight consecutive Olympics including Rio 2016.


We will be displaying one of the new range of game changing traps for you all to see!


We will also be offering special at show promotional offers on our current range.

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